Motorola Canary (aka KRZR) in the wild

Moto Canary pictures floating around, thanks to the Genius Boy. But, it won’t be out until the end of the year (assuming they make production timelines for Christmas).At first, I’d like to think this is going to be a cool addition. But I worry about Moto being too overwhelmed by its recent rock-star-like success with the RAZR and related spinoffs SLVR, etc. But please? A year from now? Another RAZR with a different colored aluminum shell and a bigger camera isn’t going to turn the heads of consumers.There’s only so much Moto can do to keep fanning the fires. They could take some queues from consumers the way Apple did to keep its iPod family fresh over five years — improving the interface, streamlining choices, and increasing capacity. But in the end, it would be amazing for them to capture another zillion customers the way the first RAZR did.Maybe they know all this. But it seems a little late to be bringing out another color of RAZR, even if it is a little longer and narrower with a better camera.


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