A surge of red products are popping up across the marketplace this holiday season that are tied to the (product)RED campaign to support the Global Fund. See more at JoinRED.

I saw the RED iPod Nano appear on the Apple site a couple of weeks ago, but it goes beyond that. Bono and partner Bobby Shriver have enlisted a number of global brands, including Motorola, Apple, Gap, Armani, and Converse to help support the fight against AIDS in Africa through the Global Fund with these red products.

Elissa was at the Gap this week and remarked on the stylish red shirts for sale. They’re $24 each for a red long sleeve, but $12 of that goes to the AIDS fund. Apple is giving $10 from each RED iPod Nano. Sprint is giving $17 from each RED Moto RAZR, etc. You get the idea.

This is a pretty cool concept, one that has the ability to far outweigh past efforts like We Are The World/USA For Africa and others, because it has the scalability to be customized to any number of products. If there’s one thing we Americans do well, it’s buy consumer goods like these. We also have the ability to rally around and support common causes for the greater good, like we have with 9/11, Katrina, LiveStrong, and USA For Africa.

We love to buy, and we like even more to have a reason for being. Man, think of the good we could do just doing what we do best. Bono may truly be a genius. A good genius, too. Some geniuses build bombs. Some of them build love.


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