Simple and searchable thin clients

I first heard the notion of searching, not sorting, from my friend Joby several years ago. He had a habit of copying and pasting bits of code, phone numbers, addresses, instructions, and everything else into Notepad files and then just saving them indiscriminately wherever the computer chose to put them.”How can you do that? How will you find anything??” I asked.”You don’t need to put folders. Just search” he shrugged.Whatever, I thought.Now, five years later, I’ve become an avid user of Gmail, Spotlight, and Apple Mail, and I’ve started to think the same thing. Google and blogs further purport the notion that a good search is better than all the time wasted trying to “design” good organization structures.I’ve been playing around with Gmail, Google Calendar, Myspace, Google Documents, Basecamp, and dozens of well established blogs, and I’m not sure I have any good arguments left against Web searchable content management. Or client content management, for that matter. If you think about the processing power and configuration that goes into creating Outlook and other personal information managers, verus the simplicity of saving things in plain text files on your hard drive or Web drive, it seems like the ROI on the simpler route adds up a lot faster.What do you think about this?


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