“iPhone” name will be appropriated by the consumer

Interesting discussion in the world these days regarding the Cisco-Apple iPhone trademark battle.I think that in the end, consumers will flock to Apple’s argument. Consumers have placed the iPhone moniker with Apple since the first person imagined an iPod-cell-phone. Apple is among the top recognized consumer brands in the world; Cisco is not.It’s unfortunate for Cisco, who may well have trademarked the name first. However, it doesn’t look like they did much with the name until a few weeks ago, when it appeared that Apple was coming to market with an iPhone. Cisco seems doomed to a similar fate as that of Kleenex or Scotch Tape (3M), who have to stamp their feet indignantly when consumers innocently and mistakenly apply their trademark names to competitor’s products.In this case, it seems Apple owns first right to the “i” prefix in the perception of the general public, which is the only perception that really matters. Anything other companies make starting with “i” is seen as either an Apple-product accessory (iHome) or a wish-I-was competitor (iRiver). Until Cisco uses the name to bring forth a consumer brand and consumer cell phone as compelling as the Apple iPhone, millions of consumers will continue to walk into Apple stores around the world and plunk down cash for “that new iPhone thing.”


One response to ““iPhone” name will be appropriated by the consumer

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