Oh the humanity of Web 2.0

I’ve been saying this to people for a while, and it’s starting to catch on, that what people crave most is connection to other people. It’s humanity we want, not more technology. And even though we are all fascinated by what we humans can elicit from circuits and resistors, what fascinates us most is how lifelike we can make it.

Look at Second Life. It’s people creating a virtual world of people that look and act like humans, albeit with different lifestyles and gender issues. But maybe the whole phenomenon is because the real world of suburban streets, supermalls and cable TV has become so unreal, we seek out ways to create or re-create a humanlike, interpersonal experience.

Taking in the phenomena dominating the consumer landscape today, I see a common thread among all of them — YouTube, instant messaging, MySpace, American Idol, reality TV, multiplayer gaming — all of them feed our natural human need for a human experience — to see and feel the presence of other humans who think and act like humans.

This by the ethnograpy professor Mwesch draws some interesting conclusions about the effect that user-generated content and social networking are having upon our world and society. Watch it and let me know what you think.

There is something serious going on here.


One response to “Oh the humanity of Web 2.0

  1. An effective presentation of the whole discussion of what the Web is and how we interface with it (or, as Mwesch says, the Web is us, so we’re talking about and to ourselves). I feel like this shift is continuously happening, but the mainstream is, as they often do, simply clicking and consuming, and not able to see (yet) the underlying changes and their power to reflect and redefine who we are–and what we’re doing with all the technology we’ve created. We’re both powering changes and are somewhat blind to them. Good stuff, sir.

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