To pick or not to pick – how good are blackberries?

Really thinking about the Blackberry decision lately. Finding myself without email and some sort of anxiety about it lately among my clients and associates. You want to be responsive and available, but just how much is TOO responsive and TOO available?

I’m not eager to join the ministries of addicts, bowing their heads in thumb-worship at meetings, and reaching for the digital hockey puck every 90 seconds when it buzzes with another new e-mail.

But waiting 4-5 hours when away from my computer to find out which meetings got moved this afternoon or tomorrow morning is difficult.

Blackberries appear to be the most seamless for email, but have somewhat clunky interfaces and mediocre screens and call quality. Windows Media phones have varying usability, but great Outlook integration and generally better form factors. Nokia smart phones are smart but expensive, and narrowly available in the U.S.

I really like my cell phone. I just wish I had better email.


3 responses to “To pick or not to pick – how good are blackberries?

  1. As for the “ministries of thumb addicts,” there’s a simple solution: don’t pick it up at meetings and don’t be a slave to it. Split the difference and check it when you can, but not when you shouldn’t. (Emily Post speaks!) Seriously, here at EPI I book at least one interview every couple of weeks with everyone from NYT to MSN to radio shows and magazines across the U.S. about BlackBerry etiquette. There really is a simple solution, and that is all things in moderation, my friend. (Easier said than done, right?) I know this is essentially common sense, but it’s fascinating how few people follow through on it.

  2. Point well made. As with about everything, there’s the way we like to think we will live, and the way we really live. Just like saving money out of your paycheck, or running every morning, or NOT answering your email all the time.

    My friend John has a job that ties him to his Blackberry all day, but when he goes home, he’s very good at leaving the BB in his backpack. He says “if you need to get ahold of me and something’s on fire, CALL me. Otherwise, I’ll read your email tomorrow.” Love it.

  3. This blog is pretty cool. Just wanted to say hi!

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