T-Mobile Dash smashes

T-Mobile DashThis is one of the coolest phones I have ever had. Those of you who know, know that I tend to follow the mobile phone world a little too closely at times.

I bought the T-Mobile Dash (HTC Excalibur) about 3 weeks ago and the thing is rocking along. Great call quality. Nice keyboard for texting. And you have to LOVE the way it will sync up with all your POP and IMAP mails, and gets RIM-style push Exchange email courtest of the Microsoft Direct Push Technology.

Web browsing is great on EDGE, and even better when you’re in range of an 802.11 wi-fi signal. The screen is what sold me. It’s just beautiful.

I also popped in the 1GB micro-SD card for storage, and now I’ve got Gwen Stefani videos and Grey’s Anatomy to watch on that tiny, gorgeous screen, not to mention several videos of my kids wrestling in the kitchen.

The 1.3 MP camera is a little slow to fire, but it takes GREAT whiteboard pictures, which are worth quite a bit when you’re doing usability, planning and design work. Or when your kids draw really great murals that you have to erase before your next meeting but don’t want to forget.


One response to “T-Mobile Dash smashes

  1. Yes, the Dash is a winner, our clients have been loving the phone, little tricky to get working with Exchange, certificates. But once you have your certificate you can wipe your phone, restart, sync with Outlook and you are in business. Very nice phone.

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