Coldplay loves PBS

Sitting on the couch tonight, I’m catching the rerun of Coldplay on Austin City Limits. The first time this ran, about a year ago, I missed it, and was dismayed when iTunes offered the 45-minute concert up for sale for about $15 for a video download.

But this time, I didn’t miss it. I caught every second. I’m amazed at the raw emotion and sheer humanity of the band. Great songs, great delivery. They even welcomed Michael Stipe up on stage to do a couple of numbers, and also did a medley of “Kingdome Come” with Johnny Cash’s Ring of Fire, dedicating the number to the king of country.

It’s funny, how some of the most highly revered bands are so socially conscious, and loved by so many who purely consume the music. Coldplay, U2, REM, all have become supergroups, and yet all work constantly for social causes and perform benefits around the world for the greater good.


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