Anil Dash, Deborah Schultz and Web Evangelism

I’m at the Web 2 Expo in at the Moscone Center in San Francisco right now, hearing from Anil and Deborah about the tenets and trials of Web 2.0 community, and what it takes to become an effective “evangelist” of Web 2.0 in your organization.

Interesting that it’s not really a comparison to religious “evangelism” that we’re talking about, but more about “witnessing” — the act of living the life you talk about and promote. Otherwise, you’re just in sales.

I met a car sales guy once when I was looking for a Toyota, and when I asked him what he drove, he said “a Buick.” This is what I’m talking about.

I’m into good human experience. Good customer service, good technology, good communication, good management. This is why I say please and thank you, why I use a Mac instead of a PC, why I try to write and speak clearly with punctation, and why I thank people who do work for me. It’s not PR, it’s not evangelism, it’s not promotion, it’s just good human experience. Whether you give or get. Hopefully, both.


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