Working with Web 2.0 apps

Caught an interesting panel at Web 2.0 Expo with a bunch of hotshots, hosted by CNET’s Rafe Needleman. Here are some key ideas:You can do almost all general business office functions today with Web 2.0 apps. However, not all things can or should go to the WebThe makers of Web 2.0 office tools don’t want to supplant Office, but augment it for the users who don’t need the full functionality but need more collaboration. Collaboration is the killer app of Web 2.0. But simply having ALL data in the “cloud” is just not practical yetThe biggest impediment to professionals/business going online with their apps is the lack of consistent connectivity. Some sort of offline use is needed. This makes me think that extensions like th Adobe Apollo platform that enable things like an “offline Ebay” application will gain a lot of traction.


2 responses to “Working with Web 2.0 apps

  1. The other main problem for businesses is trusting that their information will be secure and accessible for the long term. The question of what happens to their data if the W2.0 App/Site goes under is big to.

  2. laughinggiant

    That’s a great point and a concern I see in many organizations. There is the CYA mentality for companies worrying about compliance. I think possibly enterprise-grade solutions like Intel’s Suite Two could be powerful answers for this.

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