Simplicity and quality

Tivoli Model One by Kenry KlossRecently, a friend of mine suggested I to think about what it is I want to accomplish in the next three years. I said I’d like to do what I can to make things simpler, easier, and more efficient in my life and work.

The things that attract me and get me going and keep me moving these days are those that are simple and beautiful. Make something good. Make it do what it should. Don’t clutter. Get rid of the rest. This is why I read Khoi Vinh.

We recently moved into a new house that’s quite a bit smaller than our last one, and older, but much higher quality. It’s got wood floors and paned windows. I like it better already. We had to get rid of a bunch of stuff in order to move, but some of it we replaced with things we liked better. I gave away two sets of big, wooden Pioneer speakers from my college days and a worn-out receiver, and now we use my little Henry Kloss radio from Tivoli. It looks great and it sounds great and it’s all we need.

More and more, I’m finding myself drawn to these things. Material things aren’t everything, but everyone needs a certain amount of them. Think about it: what material things in your life is exactly right, and what would you get rid of to make them right?

* There are hundreds of Mp3 players out there, but there’s only iPod.
* There are lots of pocket knives out there, but only one Swiss Army
* There are lots of computers you could buy, but only one Mac.

Etc. I ‘ve got my own lists. You’ve probably got yours too.

You don’t need more stuff. You just need the right stuff.


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