Thinking Bloggers R us

Thinking Blogger awardWow! Well that was cool! Laughing Giant has been nominated for a Thinking Blogger award! Thanks to Smug Puppies and all the other readers who follow the Giant Steps.

In the spirit of paying it forward, here are the 5 thinking blogs that keep me going and thinking:
Anil Dash: great thoughts on the power of blogging, linking, and the social Web we weave. He is truly a “witness” to Web 2.0.
Glass House: I don’t always agree with Frank, but he’s excellent at clearly laying out his point, and he always has one. Plus, he’s interesting.
Cabel’s Blog LOL: Cabel is just whacked, and that’s part of what makes him brilliant. He can write arias about Xbox bugs and still develop things like Coda.
Scobleizer: the geekiest hipster I know. I don’t know where this guy gets his exuberance or his energy.
Signal vs. Noise: The best blog about the stuff I like from the company that nevers ceases to amaze me.



One response to “Thinking Bloggers R us

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