Basecamp goes live with OpenID

OpenID logoWell, techophiles and security geeks will appreciate this: Basecamp, the world’s greatest project management platform (and what we use at Laughing Giant), has just pushed a change last night allowing users to use an OpenID for authentication instead of yet another username and password.

We got to see a preview of the things coming to OpenID a couple of months ago at the O’Reilly Web 2.0 Expo, and it’s clear that shared standards like the OpenID federation are gathering momentum.

Another great thing with this is that 37signals have done is created the Open Bar (awesome!) where you can see all the 37signals logins you have. This means that people like me, who use multiple Basecamp and Highrise accounts for work, personal and projects, can log in once and see all their “sites” in the Open Bar.

Truly cool.


2 responses to “Basecamp goes live with OpenID

  1. Very cool! I just switched both of my current BC id’s over to use openid. The “open bar” at the top of the page is clever – brings SSO to basecamp. I wondered how they might handle multiple accounts for a given identity…as usual, simply and intuitively.

  2. I will use my open id from now on for Basecamp!

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