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Cell phone culture shifting with headset laws

In California last week, I noticed little differences in the cell phone habits of people on the streets. Now that Washington and California require hands-free kits for cell phones while driving, more people seem to wearing their ear-sets around on the street, too. 

We’ve had the Bluetooth zombies for a while, who appear to be shouting to themselves like bag ladies until you see the blinking bling hooked over one ear, but these corded ones can be spotted from across the street.

Nearly everyone I see now who walks on a city sidewalk seems to be talking, texting, or just looking at his or her cell phone. But in California now, many of the business-types are walking around talking into their factory-issue iPhone-buds or Blackberry-headsets.

I wonder how long until Oregon and the other states follow suit. Lots of laws pioneered in California (like seat belt laws) eventually become U.S. standards.